Fnaf World Halloween Edition

User: Meadow Published: August 5, 2016 Category: Game Download

Explore Fnaf World Halloween Edition and begin your new adventure now! The game features new characters, amazing features and plenty of savage battles between animatronics and big bosses!

There are plenty of challenges that you need to take on when joining Fnaf World Halloween Edition, which was created by a fan. The game consists of new features and various savage battles between skilled animatronics. Also, with a retro graphics style, you will find it more thrilling to play.


There are three classes of animatronic that you need to select before starting your challenges, including Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. They have their own levels so be careful when choosing. When you’re done choosing, you will spawn the new area that is full of mysteries. Take control of your character and try to move him/her around the zone to search for hints, stuff, notes and any items. You will also encounter with a wicked boss, and you must try your best to defeat him down. The game also contains some of the mysteries, so be sure to unravel all and conquer all challenges. You ready? Click to download it now! Have fun!

Fnaf World Halloween Edition

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