FNAF MIX IV is a horror Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame that is also considered a strong version of the original game unreleased. It is the latest and the last installment in the FNAF MIX series. There are a lot of exciting features in that final chapter. Actually, play FNAF MIX IV Gamejolt you will have the chance to return to FNaF 1 by Scott Cawthon. It owns some mechanics not existing before. Additionally, the story that it contains will lead to an interesting adventure in which you can see a common guy who is seeking the forgotten truth.

Download FNAF MIX IV free and remember to witness a special Ultra Mix! The points&shop system is a great place to buy toys and other items for the office. They possess distinctive abilities. However, you can’t purchase everything at a time. Besides, you can level up in FNAF MIX IV when you earn enough EXP. When you progress, it is straightforward to unlock upgrades. Don’t ignore the difficulty set comprising Easy, Normal, and Hard modes! Have fun!

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