One Night at FNaF 2’s

One Night at FNaF 2's

 One Night at FNaF 2’s is a classic horror fan-made game that was built and completed in 3 and a half hours. It was not made for any weird purpose. The story is started after you wake up in a strange place. In which, there is a mysterious white young female character. You can witness he is walking around in a familiar location. One Night at FNaF 2’s Gamejolt is set in the pizza restaurant of FNAF 2 developed by Scott Cawthon. Be careful! In case he is roaming and going into your office, rapidly grab the flashlight and flash the light at him by hitting and keeping the Ctrl key.

Download One Night at FNaF 2’s it is crucial to increase survivability! Therefore, your position will not be exposed to. Watch out! The battery of that tool is very limited. So, you must utilize its energy sparingly before you open your monitor to recharge it. Like the second FNAF game, there are no doors to close. Hence, he can invade your space easily. 

One Night at FNaF 2’s

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