Underplants Demo

Imp Fight

The developer of Underplants game has launched a Demo which is only suitable for Windows users (64-bit). It is a great time to play Plants vs. Zombies in Fnaf style. It will lead you to a place in which you will have the chance to discover and experience a story inspired by events happening between characters in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and Plants vs. Zombies.

Underplants is one of the latest and unique titles on Gamejolt. It is a Plants Fnaf that comprises Undertale mechanics with the combat system and overworld. It means that you are joining a fight that you must defeat rivals and reach the goal area as soon as possible. Not only that, you can open up and enter lands not existing before when you triumph over your foes. Besides, you will encounter stronger bosses. If you are attacked and damaged in Zombies Fnaf, you can use the Automatic Health Regeneration button to recover. There are still plenty of features waiting for you to enjoy. Download and have fun now!

Download Underplants Demo
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