FNaF World Halloween 3D

FNaF World Halloween 3D

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FNaF World Halloween 3D is an interesting Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game which is still being developed. Thus, the current version that you download may be buggy or incomplete. The existing release is made for the Haloween season. It seems to be a good idea when the creator combines the horror Fnaf game and this exciting season. In this time, he uses a few remarkable assets taken from the new update 2. This causes the game to be similar to FNAF World Halloween Edition having 3D graphics. Not only that, there is an inconsistent map. In the new Fnaf game not made by Scott, you will take on the role of an animatronic named Freddy. You need to explore lands and join the combat against lots of dangerous and evil monsters. You must beat all of the purple enemies as fast as possible to become the winner and get back the peace for everybody. Try to survive, wipe out the enemy and collect more experiences! Hope you enjoyed!

Download game Sister Location: Fan Game here !

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