FNaF World: Extras Menu

FNaF World: Extras Menu

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FNaF World: Extras Menu is a new and exciting Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game. It offers players an extras menu for the FNaF World. What appears in front of your eyes first is the image of an insane animatronic called Foxy the pirate. Next, you can see some items of animatronics, jumpscares, and cheats. Maybe, all of them are prepared for a survival combat between the human character and robots. In which, he has to use everything in reach to defend himself from the enemy. Meanwhile, the foe will stalk and launch deadly attacks known as jumpscares to catch and stuff their victim into a suit, leading to his death gradually. Unfortunately, this interesting menu is still in development. So, everything that you predict has been unraveled clearly. You need to wait for the finished release if you want to know the real story behind. Follow its progress if you care about!

Download game FNaF World: Extras Menu here !

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