Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

Download Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2 is horror strategy fangame combining Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon and Minecraft by Mojang. Get ready to download it now for a new gaming experience! Surely you will have a lot of unforgettable moments during the course of the game. Based off of those two famous games mentioned above, you will play with all of the iconic characters from the DSMIS saga. The game allows you to mix and match any kinds of characters that you like. You will be able to set their difficulty from 0 to 20, feel free to make them harder or easier to deal with at your will. When the challenge is kicked off, you must use all the skills and the equipment around you to beat the animatronics before they sneak into your room to jumpscare you. There are many features included in the game as well, like Easter Eggs, Death Minigames, unlockable cutscenes, voice acting, challenge menu and so forth. Have fun!

Download Ultimate DSMIS Night Demo V1.2

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