Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo 

It’s available to download Fnafn Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo game and play for free!

Note! It is cancelled.
New Game Releasing Soon + Important News

Cancelled Demo build coming at 12 AM EST, Christmas Day

Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo is a small Fnaf fangame with the roaming ability and a risky part-time job set from 12 AM to 6 AM. In which, you are asked to watch over the building. However, you are joining a very dangerous match against scary animatronic robots. They are beasts often lurking in shadows and jumping out to perform deadly jumpscares. Their attacks will end every effort of your own and make the Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo ends immediately. You do not forget to monitor the electrical power skillfully. Besides, it is important to control the temperature properly. Both of them are necessary to make sure no monster behave queerly. Furthermore, the flashlight will allow you to spot something acting up around you. Always defend your back while you are wandering! 

Download Honeybear’s Fantasy Cancelled Demo

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