Five Nights at Sackboy’s

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Are you up for the challenges in Five Nights at Sackboys? Prepare your skills to undergo more scary stages and confront with new animatronics in this fan game.

About Five Nights at Sackboy’s

Five Nights at Sackboy’s will get you through some creepy nights filled with spooky animatronics. If you are a fan of FNaF games, then you’re highly recommended to check out this fan game. You are assigned to monitor a building at night, but this place is ruled by the animatronics. They are so aggressive and always wander around to make an attempt to enter your office. Sitting in your office, you need to use your equipment and skills to fight them off. Close all doors when one of these enemies is close to your room, keep track of them through your camera and try to survive until the end.

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