If you are a big lover of horror adventure games, then coming to is the right thing that you have done! This site is known as a great place that consists of various amazing horror adventure games, especially Five Nights of Freddy’s games. The site offers a lot of amazing games online for free that surely keeps you addicted and thrilled whenever you enjoy. Therefore, you should try to become a user of this site so that you can utilize more services and information. But, the first thing you must learn about this site is its terms and conditions of using the services. All users and visitors are highly recommended to take a look at this document. This is also a way for you to avoid breaking the rules and regulations. Let’s check it out now!

Terms of

Check out some of basic rules and regulations which were established by the possessor of You should try to read and follow them when you are using this website.

  • As a user, you won’t get the allowance to switch or misuse the content of the website. This is a place for all of the users to use and check on information.
  • All the quality and quantity of the content will not be offered any kind of assurance at this site. Those quality and quantity can relate to completion, accuracy, relevance, even though they are accepted by law. For that reason, the users have to take responsibility when they are utilizing any information or services here.
  • The owner of the website will be the one that possesses all the components here, including content design, layout, graphic and so forth. If you try to make any copy, you will have to take responsibility for that, and your behavior will be known as unlawful piracy
  • Finally, the logos that no belong to the operator copied will be concerned here.

When you’re done reading the rules and regulations, you should start following them in order not to break them when using our service. For one who is trying to break anything on purpose, they will be prosecuted. Hence, it’s better to keep those rules in mind!

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