Freddy’S Tribute

Freddy’s Tribute

Freddy'S Tribute

Freddy’s Tribute is a famous fan-game taking place when Freddy Fazbear’s pizza restaurant has been closed down, causing the pizzeria to become rotting and worse. So, what happened to the animatronics her? Of course, no job for them anymore! They were being shipped out gradually. After that, there is a new pizza restaurant for children which is about to be constructed on this land. However, “they” want to have more solid evidence relating to all the mysteries of the pizzeria, and you are here as an investigator. Your job is to look into the restaurant and check out if there is anything that can be fixable or anything strange happening at night. No need to worry! You will go with a partner calling you every single night. Use your thinking and solving skills to unravel the mysteries as you try to defend yourself from the attacks of the enemies. Let’s see what you can find!

Download Freddy’S Tribute here.

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