Five Nights At The Krusty Krab

Five Nights At The Krusty Krab

Five Nights At The Krusty Krab

Based on Five Nights at Freddy’s game, Five Nights At The Krusty Krab will also take you to another gruesome epic adventure in which you will become a night watchman working at a new restaurant named Krusty Krab. This place is filled with animatronic workers, and they become the official staff working at here. Nevertheless, they seem very strange when the night comes. That’s why you – as a security guard – have to keep track of these animatronics to unravel what happened to them. Be prepared for the forthcoming challenges, especially when the place gets power outage and you’re surely in danger! These animatronics will roam around the restaurant and lurk in the dark, waiting for a chance to attack you. However, since you are a guard, you are equipped with something that can be used as a tool to follow the enemies. So, make sure that you use them wisely and keep yourself survived until the end!

Download Five Nights At The Krusty Krab here.

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