Sister Location [Fan-Made]

Sister Location [Fan-Made] Version 0.1.0

Sister Location [Fan-Made]

Sister Location [Fan-Made] is based on the fifth Five Nights at Freddy’s. You are able to download two releases, Ghost Attack and Sister Location [Fan-Made] Version 0.1.0. Addition to this, you can take par in the story of each version without difficulty. Just run the download and you will have the time to explore them much more. Sister Location [Fan-Made] is made by Joeythegameguy, a big fan of the Fnaf game series. Thus, you will soon see many animatronic robots, which can roam around areas in the restaurant at night so as to catch the night-shift security guard. However, in the Ghost Attack, your mission has a few minor changes. You will help the main animatronic character find the place that he wants. Use simple keys to control him. You should pick up all of the items. Meanwhile, the version 0.1.0 of the release will allow you to become a late night technician. Good luck!

Download game Sister Location [Fan-Made] here !

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