Sister Location: Fan Game

Sister Location: Fan Game Version 1.0.0

Sister Location: Fan Game

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Sister Location: Fan Game is based on the real Five Nights at Freddy’s, the fifth game created by Scott Cawthon. It’s possible for you to play version 1.0.0! To make your challenge become easier, the creator named WolfCorp gives you many tips or hints, including:

  • The Primary Control Module room is the place where you can find the Oxygen Panel. If you want to charge the oxygen for the facility, you should hit the central Ox button.  
  • When you are in the One Step From The Glass room, you must prevent animatronics from approaching your safe area as fast as possible before they grab the chance to kill you.
  • To recharge the power, you can head to the Ballora room.
  • In the One Step From The Glass Room, you can hear a sound like malfunctioning stuff after you click on the lock button. Then, the energy will be reduced gradually.
  • To move in the Fnaf game you engage, tap the border left or right of the room.
  • In the Ballora room, you can go back to the previous location if you hit the left arrow.
  • To restart the power, press the electricity panel.
  • With the Eye icon, you can check Minireena’s eyes.
  • Try to listen to the noise! You will know the next steps of Ennard, an animatronic which can catch you after it passes the vent system.

Download game Sister Location: Fan Game here !

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