Project Chica

Project Chica is a free Fnaf game, including complete elements. It is available to play and challenge your survival ability! It is about a fight between you and a dangerous party. Your mission in the new story is to survive as long as possible. If you stay alive when the match ends, you will win and earn lots of money. 

Project Chica is also a horror game in which you are forced to protect your life instead of fulfilling other tasks given by the boss. After choosing and resetting the difficulty level of your foes, you can open the office and get ready to learn how to master tools. They are items that will help you block those roaming scary robots in Fnaf Project Chica from heading into your room. Keep in mind that these machines are haunted by souls of dead children who need your help to be unleashed. But, what you can do at first is to stop them from getting close to your place. Aside from that, you can turn on cameras to supervise their movement. Good luck!

Download Project Chica

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