Are you excited about another Fnaf-themed fan game called POPGOES POPGOES Arcade? Make sure you will not skip this fan creation as it is free to download and will bring you more fantastic challenges. After being burned down 1 year ago, Fritz – a rich inventor wants to resurrect  Fazbear’s Fright and changes it into a brand new restaurant named The Popgoes Pizzeria. To revive this place, he places many modern mascots and needs you to help him watch over them during the night. You say yes to this job just because of a high salary you can get when it’s done, but you don’t know something evil awaiting you ahead. These mascots can move! They are roaming through the building at night in order to jumpscare you. Watch the cameras to track their movements and stop them from approaching your place, or else you will be killed. The main objective in POPGOES POPGOES Arcade is to complete all the nights!

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