One Week at Buggy’s

One Week at Buggy's
One Week at Buggy’s

One Week at Buggy’s is one of the top horror FNAF fan games that you should not skip if you miss the original! The DEMO version is completely available to experience while the full game is being developed. Explore an interesting part-time at a dark local building as a security guard. Aside from watching equipment of the place, you must defend yourself from jumpscares of roaming animatronics. As in Five Nights at Freddy’s, they are scary antagonists. 

It’s currently free to download One Week at Buggy’s Gamejolt! It is a fun-addicting adventure in which you’d better keep an eye on hostile characters’ movement via cameras. Their images will help you prepare for a deadly assault. Actually, you are able to interact with other tools aside from those items in order to block them from invading your office. Are you ready to enter the room and turn on devices? Good luck!

Download One Week at Buggy’s Demo

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