More nights at freddy’s

Do you think you are smarter than the animatronic robots? Let’s find the answer by joining a new fan-made horror title called More Nights at Freddy’s which is pretty much inspired by FNAF games owned by Scott Cawthon. This free-to-download horror fangame takes place after FNAF 3, and it’s an alternative story. After what had happened to the place, the show should be kept going on, therefore, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria was reformed with the hope of entertaining more people again. You have just become a new night security guard at this place, and this time, you must get ready to face off against the animatronic gang. These wicked creatures have come back trying to kill you one more time. You must do whatever it takes to stop their evil scheme and give them no chances to ruin your life. Make good use of all equipment around you, like the cameras, to cope with those robots. Prevent them from sneaking into your place, surpass all the challenges and survive until you finish the job. Good luck to you!

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