FNaF World Simulator

Get ready to jump into a new adventure with FNaF World Simulator – an epic Fnaf Download game for free to explore! If you are a fan of animatronic robots from Fnaf series by Scott Cawthon, then don’t forget to check this one out. In the game, Freddy has finished “the game” and earned an unfair amount of power. He will use his new powers to capture Animatronica as well as dish out a lot of damage to any opponents left in it. Now, the so-called “enemies” must do something to prevent Freddy from destroying them before it’s too late. In this fan-made FNaF World Simulator game, you can take on the role of more than 60 awesome characters and will confront with the old friends as well as enemies once again in a brand new perspective. Feel free to discover many large worlds, find a lot of Chips with other equipment, unlock all-new game modes for replay value. Are you ready? Embark on this adventure now! 

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FNaF World: New Five Nights at Freddy's series!