FNaF World Creator

Download FNaF World Creator a cool FNAF fan game and create your very own FNAF World for free! It’s completely simple for you or any user to Save and Load the worlds that you love!  Furthermore, you are capable of adding map warps along with several buttons. Besides, you can teleport to another location if you hit those switches. FNaF World Creator Gamejolt also offers an interesting adventure so you can engage in and explore every secret your way. In order to progress and level up, remember to perform your action smartly! Aside from that, you can earn a lot of Faz tokens in stacks and obtain numerous treasure chests on the path since FNaF World: Creator Alpha 1.1. The money is really useful to equip your character with better tools or upgrades. Are you ready to begin your journey and get to the end before sharing it with your friends? Good luck!

FNaF World Creator Alpha 1.1

FNaF World Creator Alpha 0.1.0

FNaF World Creator Alpha Game Soundtrack

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FNaF World: New Five Nights at Freddy's series!