Five Nights at Kelaynak’s

Five Nights at Kelaynak's

Do you want to test your bravery and hone your surviving skill one more time after FNAF series by Scott Cawthon? If yes, say hi to Five Nights at Kelaynak’s – a new fan-made game based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s. Just prepare your skills and strategies in advance before jumping into a new creepy adventure. Once the adventure is kicked off, you will have to use the cameras to check all the corners in the restaurant where you work as a night watchman for several nights from 12 AM to 6 AM. During your shift, you must protect yourself from the animatronic robots roaming from rooms to room, and their goal is to enter your office to jumpscare you. Unlike the original game, this title is set in a new restaurant called Kelaynak’s. You also have to try your best to complete the job for the salary. If you quit or get jumpscared by a certain animatronic robot, it will be a game over for you. How long can you get through all of this? Wish you luck! 

FiveNightsatKelaynaks Menu Test PC

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