Five Nights At Catbot’s Diner (Official)

Five Nights At Catbot's Diner

Five Nights At Catbot’s Diner (Official) is a horror FNAF fangame by ColtonTheWolf. It brings back a typical horror theme that you should skip. The new story will be dropped into a creepy building that is completely inhabited by a scary animatronic monster. Further, he may have a gang behind. Play Five Nights At Catbot’s Diner (Official) Gamejolt as a man trapped there you need to be wary of their presence. If they appear and jump in front of your eyes, it means that they will capture and kill you after that. Meanwhile, your mission in Five Nights At Catbot’s Diner (Official) Free Download is to survive. Actually, it’s important to prevent them from destroying you until every challenge during a week is finished. It’s not a simple objective and you must act smartly. Don’t ignore the support from devices around the area! They are great to stop the enemy from invading. Good luck!

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