Fazbear Exodus

Fazbear Exodus

Here comes a new horror game called Fazbear Exodus! Download and join it now for more horror challenges and a new confrontation with animatronics. Sadly enough, the full official version of this game is still in development, and it will be launched soon. You can only try the pre-alpha version if you want. This fan game will get you through lots of scary stages, just like the original FNaF games. You will have to explore a location filled with darkness and mysteries. Plus, the animatronics are aiming at you. Make sure you survive all these dangers and beat all enemies! Have fun!

Project Fazbear Exodus – Server (2D Pre-Alpha)

Download Project Fazbear Exodus – Server here!

Project Fazbear Exodus — 2D Pre-Alpha (With Launcher)

Download Project Fazbear Exodus — 2D Pre-Alpha here!

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