Ennard’s Night Android Official

Ennard’s Night Android Official is a new scary adventure fan-made game based off of FNAF series. A fan of horror games shouldn’t miss out a chance to check this title out. Feel free to download and install it on your PC then jump into the adventure to vanquish everything. The game drops you in a fictional building and you will take a job here at night. Your mission is to keep the place safe all night! As the night guard, you are provided with crucial items to use, such as security cameras, doors, lights, etc. They are crucial things you must use wisely to not only protect the building but also yourself. There are some sinister animatronic creatures moving through the building. You will come across them via the cameras and have to ensure that they won’t sneak into your office. Do whatever it takes to stop them before they outsmart you. The main goal here is to conquer all horror nights! Try it now! 

Download Ennard’s Night

Download Ennard’s Night Android

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