Dark Deception

Among FNAF Download Fangames on the Internet, Dark Deception can be the one that features outstanding characteristics, making it more engaging to download and play. This fanmade title was primarily formed in March 2014 in Unity by Vince Livings, and in late 2017, it was rebuilt in UE4 by Vince and Nikson. The creators want their game to entertain all the fans of the horror game genre, so they have been trying their best to make it more developed. This title has just come out with chapter 1, you can check it out now on your computer. The game also pits you against sinister animatronic robots when you take a night job at a big scary building. You have to discover your surroundings and defend yourself from the animatronics. Make use of all the equipment you have in order to cope with those creatures and make sure that you survive until the end.

Download Dark Deception Chapter 1 Demo

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