Craftyboy Custom Night

Craftyboy Custom Night – a UCN styled game

Craftyboy Custom Night is a horror game inspired by Fnaf. It’s free to download and experience your way! Hop into another challenge and your mission is to survive as long as possible! It is also available for you to modify the AI. In other words, you are allowed to start the selected Fnaf Craftyboy Custom Night title by setting again the difficulty level of your enemies – scary animatronic characters. Although you can control their behavior, you must be careful of their movement patterns and stop them from getting close to your place. Otherwise, your challenge in Craftyboy Custom Night will have to end sooner than expected. Inside the room that you are trapped, you can find a few items which are useful tools to follow their moves and block them. More importantly, you do not forget to defend your position. Once they approach your spot, they will launch lethal jumpscares to catch and stuff you until death. 

Download Craftyboy Custom Night

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