Circus Baby’s Diner

Circus Baby’s Diner is a free-to-download Fnaf Fangame which is truly inspired by the most famous horror game series called FNaF games by Scott Cawthon, especially Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. Instead of the game revolving Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, now it’s set in a new place named Circus Baby’s Diner. The owner of this place wants you to work here for several nights, and you are surely paid well, which can be up to $178.50 for a week. The pay will even rise after the first week. However, the job is not easy at all when you have to deal with the mascots of this place. They are roaming through the building and secretly making an attempt to enter your room. You must use all the equipment that you are provided with in order to fend them off and secure your life. If you get jumpscared, the game will be over. Can you manage to survive until the end in Circus Baby’s Diner? Good luck to you!

Download Circus Baby’s Diner

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