Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night

Get ready for another awesome Custom Night in another fan-made FNAF Download game called Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night! You can access it for free on the Internet as well as download it to your Windows PC. Before you jump into the action, you have a right to adjust the difficulty of the in-game animatronics. Most of them are pretty much inspired by the characters from FNAF series owned by Scott Cawthon. They can be tougher or easier to deal with, and it’s totally up to you. When you’re done adjusting them, you will begin facing off against them during the night. Like the original FNAF games, you will also have to utilize your provided equipment to defeat the animatronic gang, such as cameras, emergency doors, lights, etc. Protecting yourself from their jumpscares is a must, otherwise, your game will be over. Show off all the skills you have in order to outplay the animatronics and get through all the challenges. Good luck to you! 

Download Baldi’s Basics in Custom Night

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