Affiliated Location

Affiliated Location

Download Affiliated Location for free and conquer the new challenge by staying alive! The part-time job that you have received will take place in a haunted dark building. It is a completely upgraded Afton Cinema. In which, you are asked to complete jobs given by the boss. Although it is considered a safe address for kids and families, you can find something strange happening inside animatronics robots while they are roaming. Actually, they are able to move throughout areas, hide, and surprise you with dangerous jumps.

FNAF Affiliated Location Gamejolt features PlayTime Foxy, Jayjay and maybe more. They will be the enemy that you must block from heading into your room at all costs. Otherwise, you will die. Just point and click on the items available in your area to stop their progress. Besides, do not forget to save the limited power as in the first original chapter Five Nights at Freddy’s! A good strategy will help you manage and handle every situation smoothly. Have fun!

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